This engaging presentation introduces the use of various bodywork modalities in managing the symptoms of Canine Cognitive Disorder, sometimes referred to as Sundowners Syndrome or Doggy Alzheimers. Canine Cognitive Disorder can rob older pets of valuable quality of life in their later years. This presentation explores the use of massage, acupressure and Tui-Na in helping to support dogs facing the challenges of this degenerative condition.

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About Lola Michelin

Lola Michelin has been providing massage for over 30 years and founded the Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2001. She is a recognized authority on the topic and appears on radio and television shows nationwide. In addition to the school, she runs a private massage practice serving horses, dogs, people and exotic species such as elephants, giraffes, and primates. When she isn’t teaching or providing massage, she can most likely be found playing with her two Jack Russell Terriers Stella and Izzy, riding her horse Osso, or chasing and being chased by her miniature donkey Seth.

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