We all enlist help from friends or family to help with our pets from time to time, or hire dog sitters and dog walkers. But what if something happens while your beloved pet is in their care. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to create a dog care binder for pet sitters and caretakers in the event of an unfortunate situation. You’ll learn why you need a dog care binder, what types of information you should include, and you’ll receive a template and instructions on preparing one.

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About Lynn Stacy-Smith

Lynn Stacy-Smith is a dog-obsessed writer. She is the author of the book and the blog, both named Love, Laugh, Woof. Throughout her life, she almost always had a dog as her best friend and constant companion. Lynn eventually took the plunge into the world of blogging with the goal of helping fellow dog owners create a happy, healthy lifestyle with their dogs. Friends and family frequently asked about dog-related topics, as frequently as multiple times a day. As a result of her lifelong dog experience, she always knew the answers or resources to help them.

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