Creating a healthy relationship with your dog, like any relationship, starts with an understanding of your personalities and then finding the best way to interact with each other. Some dogs do well when they are given a job to do while others are more independent. Once you find the right approach your relationship with your dog is sure to be amazing. In this interview, Andy will also share some fascinating stories about his experience training dogs in incredible ways from the K9 police units to really unique detection jobs you probably didn’t even know a dog could do.

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About Andy Falco-Jimenez

Andy Falco-Jimenez, known as "America's Top Dog Trainer", has been training dogs for 30 years. Falco K9 Academy trains Police K9 Teams for hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the world, detection dogs, and search and rescue dogs around the world. Andy is a former police officer and K9 handler for the Anaheim Police Department in California and has received a number of awards including Officer of the Year, and the highest award, The Distinguished Service Award.  

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