The Missing Link In Dog Training: What Your Dog’s Body Can Tell You About Their Behavior

This presentation takes the viewer on a fascinating journey inside the canine anatomy, physiology and energy fields. Allecia brilliantly connects the dots between what happens on the inside of a dog and how it can actually affect their behavior and health. In order to assess any behavior or health issue accurately, we must understand what is taking place inside our dog as well as how the tools we use are adversely affecting our dogs. This is the missing link In dog training. You’ll understand your dog in a whole new light and will be able to address their issues with a holistic approach to training that incorporates wellness of body, mind, and soul.

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About Allecia Evans

Holistic dog trainer, Allecia Evans, has spent decades researching and connecting the dots between dogs’ bodies, their biomechanics and their behavior and will share cutting edge research on one of the most overlooked reasons for behavioral issues in your pet. She has been using her skills of animal communication, medical intuition, and distance energy work to help heal behaviors and transform health issues for thousands of animals and their humans around the world. A pioneer of holistic dog training, Allecia invented the Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking and Training System which vastly improves communication between dogs and humans, and is the author of the In Sync Method of Dog Training.

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