Dogs love to chew. Chewing can alleviate stress, keep their teeth clean, and occupy them. However, contrary to popular misconception, bones can be dangerous to dogs. Many of the chew products on the market either don’t last all that long, or are quite risky, as they can harbor pathogens and can break into sharp fragments. And, many of the long-lasting products available are not digestible, meaning that pieces can get stuck in a dog’s digestive tract. This presentation will share with you highlights of five years of dog chew research and will provide you with the know-how to select chews wisely.

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About Tavor White

Tavor White, CEO of Chews Happiness, worked as an R&D Engineer solving complex materials science and production challenges. Education: BS/MS – Chemical Engineering, MBA – All from Columbia University. He spent almost a quarter century as a management consultant working with Fortune 500 companies to enhance their product safety and quality control. After spending all that time in Corporate America, he converted to a “Corporate Refugee,” spent a few years studying pet nutrition, and started Chews Happiness, a social enterprise/business dedicated to helping people develop closer bonds with their pets and the planet by offering the highest quality, finest, socially and environmentally friendly creations.

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