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Dog Care On Air provides education from leading animal experts aimed at keeping our best friend healthy and happy. Content features practical advise on training, nutrition, health care, innovative products and services.

In November 2019 Dog Care On Air was the first ever virtual conference devoted to helping dog lovers take care of the loyal companions who do so much for us. This was the largest dog care event in history with thousands of dog owners and dog lovers who attended and continue to watch the presentations daily which are streamed over multiple platforms.

Dog Care On Air has a significant newsletter list and loyal followings on Facebook and Instagram. In March 2020 Dog Care On Air was given it’s own channel on Well World TV and Glewed TV which are in 2.5 million American households.

Share your knowledge and join our team of respected dog care experts from across North America and globally.

We are looking for experts like you that would love to share your knowledge with hundreds of thousands of pet owners.

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  • Authority and credibility
    Be featured as an industry authority along side other internationally recognized experts.
  • Exposure & brand awareness
    We have thousands of active participants. These are people who passionately care about their pets and who want to hear what you have to say and about how you can help them.
  • Increase your following
    In your presentation we’ll point people towards your website, your social media profiles and a special offer you may have for our participants.
  • Have an impact
    Ultimately, we all really love dogs and just want to help them have the best lives possible and this platform provides you the opportunity to do just that through dog care education!

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