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Here are the presenters who will be helping you take care of your canine friend. Click the presentation title for more information about their session or connect with them directly by clicking the links in their profile. For a schedule of presentations on November 16th and 17th you can also visit our schedule page to sort by topic. 

Dr. Judy Morgan

Dr. Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets

Dr. Judy Morgan has been a practicing veterinarian integrating traditional and holistic medicine for over 35 years. She is a best-selling author, speaker, radio personality, and social media influencer, as well as providing high-quality natural products for pets around the world.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Therapy to Choose the Best Foods for Your Dog

Six Ways to Improve Your Dog's Health Naturally

Navigating Pet Food Hype - What Should You Believe?

Dr. Marty Goldstein

Dr. Marty

Dr. Marty Goldstein earned his DVM from Cornell University in 1973. He was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1977 and was one of the founding members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Over the last almost four decades, Dr. Marty has given seminars on alternative therapies nationwide and has appeared on numerous regional and national radio and television programs, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Martha Stewart Show and Good Morning America. He is also the author of “The Nature of Animal Healing”. For 6 years, he hosted his own weekly program, “Ask Martha’s Vet with Dr Marty” on Martha Stewart’s Sirius/XM satellite radio. Dr. Goldstein specializes in the use of integrative medicine and complementary modalities for maintaining animal wellness and treating chronic and degenerative illnesses, especially cancer.

Fundamentals of Health and Disease for Our Pets

Dr. Sarah Wooten

Dr. Sarah Wooten

Dr. Sarah Wooten is a 2002 graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with 16 years of private clinical practice experience. She lives in Colorado with her human and fur family, and travels to speak to veterinary and pet parent audiences.

Does my pet look fat?

Help my dog won't stop itching!

Signs of pain in pets and when to see the vet

5 tips to make the most of your veterinary visit

Leptospirosis and Flu In Dogs...And what you need to know

Allecia Evans

Walk In Sync, Animal Heeler

Holistic dog trainer, Allecia Evans, has spent decades researching and connecting the dots between dogs’ bodies, their biomechanics and their behavior and will share cutting edge research on one of the most overlooked reasons for behavioral issues in your pet. She has been using her skills of animal communication, medical intuition, and distance energy work to help heal behaviors and transform health issues for thousands of animals and their humans around the world. A pioneer of holistic dog training, Allecia invented the Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking and Training System which vastly improves communication between dogs and humans, and is the author of the In Sync Method of Dog Training.

The Missing Link In Dog Training: What Your Dog’s Body Can Tell You About Their Behaviour

Charlene Penney


Charlene Penney is the Founder of HelpAWS which she started in 2014. She holds a degree in Nonprofit Management and a diploma in Animal Welfare. Rescuing animals had been a dream of hers since she was a child and with many sleepless nights, tears, and heartache, HelpAWS has grown from a one-person operation to an international organization which has rescued and adopted out over 500 animals and sterilized over 2,000 animals on the island of Saint Lucia.

Life Before Love: A Rescue Dog's Journey Off The Streets Of St Lucia

Colleen Demling-Riley


With over 16 years of hands on dog training experience, Colleen Demling-Riley, is an industry expert and has the knowledge to help pet parents with any dog training needs they have, from helping a puppy adjust to a new home to teaching obedience commands and fixing problem behaviors like anxiety and aggression. Colleen holds numerous credentials including CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CDBC and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She trained service dogs for Canine Companions and designed the temperament test for the Therapy Dog Program at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. She appears frequently in local and national media.

10 Questions to Ask A Dog Trainer Before You Hire Them

Lola Michelin

Northwest School of Animal Massage

Lola Michelin has been providing massage for over 30 years and founded the Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2001. She is a recognized authority on the topic and appears on radio and television shows nationwide. In addition to the school, she runs a private massage practice serving horses, dogs, people and exotic species such as elephants, giraffes, and primates. When she isn’t teaching or providing massage, she can most likely be found playing with her two Jack Russell Terriers Stella and Izzy, riding her horse Osso, or chasing and being chased by her miniature donkey Seth.

Tales from My Dog's Therapist

A map for dealing with Doggy Alzheimers

Tyler Muto

Consider The Dog

Tyler Muto is an internationally renowned dog behavior expert known for an exceptional track record rehabilitating dogs with problem behavior. Tyler is the founder of ConsiderTheDog.com, which provides educational videos on dog behavior, as well as the owner and training director of K9 Connection in Buffalo, NY. Additionally, Tyler is the former President of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

Turn Your Dog’s Frown Upside Down: Ten Keys to Counterconditioning

Linda Tellington-Jones

Tellington TTouch®

The work of Linda Tellington-Jones, founder of the Tellington TTouch® Method, continues to influence all who come into contact with her revolutionary approach to animals. She has impacted hundreds of thousands of people through her live appearances, her seminars, books, and videos. She has lectured at universities, zoos, and veterinary conferences in North America and Europe. Her work has been featured for more than 30 years on TV and in countless publications internationally. She has written 21 books that have been translated into 15 languages. Currently, there are teachers of the Tellington TTouch® Method in 33 countries around the world.

Using TTouch® for End of Life Care

An Introduction to The TTouch Method - A Positive, Gentle & Effective Way to Touch Our Dogs

Body Kinesiology: A Simple way to Communicate with Your Dog

Dr. Chris Bessent

Herbsmith Inc.

Chris Bessent, D.V.M., practiced holistic veterinary medicine incorporating Chinese herbs, acupuncture, food therapy, and chiropractic to treat animals big and small. After more than a decade of success using Chinese herbal combinations in her practice, Dr. Bessent channeled her wealth of knowledge and experience into Herbsmith, Inc. Herbsmith manufactures premium, quality supplements for dogs and cats using only the finest ingredients at therapeutic levels to address everything from anxiety and allergies, to joint health and digestive issues. Her newest venture, the Simple Food Project, offers whole food nutrition to dogs, and soon, cats! These recipes were formulated with Chinese food energetics in mind and freeze-dried to make whole food diets more convenient for pet parents.

Food Energetics: The Tao of Food

How To Be Your Best Dog Through Diet and Supplements

Andy Falco-Jimenez

Falco K9 Academy

Andy Falco-Jimenez, known as "America's Top Dog Trainer", has been training dogs for 30 years. Falco K9 Academy trains Police K9 Teams for hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the world, detection dogs, and search and rescue dogs around the world. Andy is a former police officer and K9 handler for the Anaheim Police Department in California and has received a number of awards including Officer of the Year, and the highest award, The Distinguished Service Award.

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Your Dog

Dr. Grant Tully

Advanced Animal Chiropractic

Dr. Grant Tully graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Biomedical Science and went on to attend Life University for his doctorate in Chiropractic. He practiced on humans for a couple years, but decided that working with animals was his calling. He went through additional training at Options for Animals in Kansas and is board certified with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. He now practices in Southeast Michigan with his wife at Advanced Animal Chiropractic.

What is Animal Chiropractic

Roanna Sabeh-Azar

Neo-Paws International Inc. and Host of DSTV (Doggiestyle.tv)

Roanna pioneered the pet apparel industry 27 years ago and knows just about everything there is to know about dog's safety and clothing, from what’s hot and what’s not for the fashionable pouch, to protective booties and gear. She has a background in nutrition and is currently in the process of producing a healthy cookbook for you and your dog.

Healthy Cooking For You and Your Dog

Loesje Jacob

Linking Awareness Adventures Inc.

With thirty-three years experience as an animal professional, and twenty-two years experience studying integrative medicine, Loesje has worked with diverse cultures, as countless species of animals around the globe. Loesje has collaborated with hospitals, universities, public schools, first nations communities, tribes living in the deep jungles, orphanages, veterinary clinics, zoos, animal sanctuaries, and film companies. Loesje’s passion is the exploration of interconnectedness and communication with all sentient beings and she shares her passion by facilitating experiential journeys and adventures from an awareness, consciousness, energy and observation-based perspective.

Enhance your Relationships With Your Canine Companions Through the Linking Awareness Journey

Sarah-Jane Farrell

Animal Communicator

Sarah-Jane Farrell TCM psychK advParBT helps animals and people navigate life’s difficulties, unresolved trauma, grief, injury, depression, or loss; and helps them to trust fully by learning to live in a brave, authentic and openhearted way. When you trust you are enough, you trust in life, in others and in the true nature of life itself. My mission is to expand and improve the well-being of animals and their people by resolving trauma on a cellular level, through trust centered, heart to heart communication and energy and lifestyle medicine.

From Trauma to Trust - How to establish safety and trust with your dog no matter how stressful the situation

Malika Larbi

Pawsitive Solutions

Malika Larbi, a savvy marketing professional who also happens to be a dog lover has lent her expertise to various startups over the years. After coming to the horrific realization that single use plastics are so heavily used in businesses, she knew that in order to make a significant impact on the planet, that it would be up to business to make the change in providing consumers with affordable and convenient eco-friendly options. Thus "the company that gives a shit" was born.

Greenwashing The Truth - The Poop Bag's Dirty Little Secret

Tavor White

Chews Happiness

Tavor White, CEO of Chews Happiness, worked as an R&D Engineer solving complex materials science and production challenges. Education: BS/MS – Chemical Engineering, MBA – All from Columbia University. He spent almost a quarter century as a management consultant working with Fortune 500 companies to enhance their product safety and quality control. After spending all that time in Corporate America, he converted to a “Corporate Refugee,” spent a few years studying pet nutrition, and started Chews Happiness, a social enterprise/business dedicated to helping people develop closer bonds with their pets and the planet by offering the highest quality, finest, socially and environmentally friendly creations.

Throwing Your Dog a Bone: How to Safely Choose Chews

Sydney Bleicher

Ultimate Puppy

Sydney Bleicher, co-founder and director of training at Ultimate Puppy, is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and a Fear Free Certified Professional. Sydney owns and operates Freshpuppy in Toronto. Inspired by Dr. Ian Dunbar, the noted animal behaviorist and best selling author, Bleicher’s practice focuses on early socialization and prevention. Sydney is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She has been coaching all sorts of folks and their dogs since 1992. She has been featured on Breakfast Television, Animal House Calls and has written for Bark Magazine and Riverside Quarterly.

Countdown to Puppy! Everything You Need to Know About Preparing For Your New Puppy

Socialization Deconstructed - Socialization Isn't Sexy... But it Should Be!

Joan Ranquet

Communication with all Life University

Animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House and Sounds True author, educator, and animal parent, Joan Ranquet has connected with animals professionally for over twenty-five years. In 2009, Joan founded Communication with All Life University, a certification program for animal communicators and energy healers. Joan lives on a farm in the gorgeous hills of southern California with her devoted animal family: two horses, two dogs, and four cats. She donates her time toward animal rescue missions and therapeutic riding centers.

EFT for Animals and their Humans

Sagar Gondalia

The Fodographer

Sagar is a self-taught professional dog photographer. He prepared for his vocation with a bachelor's in English, a tour in the Peace Corps in Siberia, years on the business side of healthcare, and working as a rock climbing guide in Wyoming. And he has pet several dogs.

Dog Photography 101

Lynn Stacy-Smith

Love, Laugh, Woof, LLC

Lynn Stacy-Smith is a dog-obsessed writer. She is the author of the book and the blog, both named Love, Laugh, Woof. Throughout her life, she almost always had a dog as her best friend and constant companion. Lynn eventually took the plunge into the world of blogging with the goal of helping fellow dog owners create a happy, healthy lifestyle with their dogs. Friends and family frequently asked about dog-related topics, as frequently as multiple times a day. As a result of her lifelong dog experience, she always knew the answers or resources to help them.

Create Your Own Dog Care Binder

Dr. Katie Kangas

Integrative Veterinary Care

Dr. Katie Kangas is the owner of Integrative Veterinary Care, a private practice in San Diego, California, offering holistic and integrative health care options for pets. She achieved her CVA certification in 2008, followed by additional training in Acupuncture, Food Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation. She shares her passion for pet wellness education by lecturing nationally and internationally and has written for numerous publications. Her areas of interest include nutrition, functional medicine, dental health, and pain management. Additionally, Dr. Kangas has a background in shelter medicine, with more than 15 years of contribution to the homeless pets in her community.

The effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF toxicity)

Glyphosates: How Toxic Industrial Farming is Effecting Us and our Pets

Dr. Nicholas Dodman

Center for Canine Behavior Studies (CCBS)

Dr. Nicholas Dodman is one of the world’s most noted and celebrated veterinary behaviorists. In 1981 he became a faculty member of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine where he developed his interest in behavioral issues. He founded the Animal Behavior Clinic, one of the first of its kind, at Tufts in 1986. Since 1990, he has devoted his time entirely to the practice of animal behavior and has written five acclaimed bestselling books In addition, he has authored two textbooks and more than 200 articles and contributions to scientific books and journals. He also holds eight US Patents for various inventions related to the control of animal behavior. Dr. Dodman appears regularly on radio and television, including shows like: 20/20, Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dateline, World News, Discovery Channel, NOVA, Animal Planet, the BBC and many more.

Sibling Rivalry: Managing Aggression Between Your Canine Kids

Is Your Dog Autistic?

Dr. Ruth Roberts

The Original CrockPET Diet, Inc

Dr. Ruth Roberts is your pet’s ally. She has supported thousands of dogs and cats to overcome health hurdles like kidney disease, GI illness, allergies, and cancer. Her natural approach to healing creates a gentle yet effective path for your pet to take on their journey to wellbeing. Dr. Ruth created The Original CrockPet Diet, a balanced home cooked diet for pets, as the foundation of health. Dr. Ruth will help you to develop a health plan for your pet via one-on-one coaching, eLearning, and videos on a range of health topics.

Using Food to Heal

An Holistic Approach to Kidney Disease: Best Diet and Treatment Options

A Brief History of Nutrition & Pet food

Dana Humphrey

The Pet Lady

Meet the “Pet Lady,” Dana Humphrey. She happily wears many collars in the pet industry, including operating the very successful Whitegate PR firm, staging pet fashion events and educating all of us pet lovers about the must-have pet products and pet trends. And, her home base in New York City, but this is a gal who travels coast-to-coast and beyond to ensure pets everywhere lead enriching lives.

Thinking of Starting a Pet Business? Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job

Juliet Béynon

k9 connection

Juliet Béynon serves as program director for k9 connection, a nonprofit organization that re-shapes the lives of teens in at-risk situations by helping them to train shelter dogs to become more adoptable. “Serving two groups I’ve always been passionate about, has been a dream come true,” says Juliet, “and now I have the opportunity to provide much-needed programs for our parent agency, The People Concern, by offering free veterinary clinics for pets living with people experiencing homelessness and well as dog therapy visits to clients in Interim Housing facilities on the Westside and in Downtown Los Angeles.” Presentations:
K9 Connection - Motivating Kids, One Dog at a Time

Dr. Jill Todd

Jill and Joan CBD for Animals

Jill began her undergraduate training in Biological Science, Botany, and Agriculture. She wanted to understand medicine at its core, starting at the foundation. She went on to earn BS degrees in Scientific Nutrition and Veterinary Science and eventually a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Jill and her business partner Joan Ranquet run their Animal CBD company called Jill & Joan which carries CBD oils, chews, pellets and salve for animals and humans.

Lets Talk About CBD

Jonathan Rudinger


Jonathan Rudinger, Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist, Licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board, has been instrumental in the development and acceptance of canine massage since the mid-1990’s. He has written several canine massage instruction books and produced many videos/ DVD lessons for dog owners, canine massage practitioners, veterinary care professionals, and children.

Pet Massage for Active and Athletic Dogs

Johnna Devereaux

Bow Wow Labs, Inc

Johnna Devereaux, Clinical Pet Nutritionist. Johnna is the founder of Fetch RI, a holistic pet boutique and supply store and regularly lectures about the benefits of proper nutrition for dogs and cats. Devereaux believes that the best way to feed your pet is as nature intended and she spends her days educating pet owners on how they can help their pets thrive, not just survive. As a published author, Devereaux’s writings can be found in Animal Print magazine, Rhode Island’s Family Guide and the 2019 Health and Wellness Guide for Southern New England. Devereaux has been featured as a Trailblazer in the pet industry by Pets+ Magazine and her store, Fetch RI, has been awarded “Best of Rhode Island” by Editor’s Pick and Readers’ Choice, as well as “Top Dog” by Animal Print magazine.

The Joy of Chewing: Why Long-term Dog Chews Should Be a Part of Your Dogs Health Regimen

Canine Nutrition 101: The Basics

Adam Clark

Pet Loss Education Project

Adam Clark, LCSW, AASW is a published writer, educator, and Affiliate Faculty for the Institute for Human-Animal Connect at University of Denver. Adam is the founder of Pet Loss Education Project and author of Animal Attachment on Psychology Today. Adam focuses his work on the psychology behind the human-animal bond, specializing in endings and transitions. He is passionate about reducing the cultural stigma associated with pet loss, supporting pet owners, and educating veterinary professionals. In addition, Adam has an Equine Assisted Therapy practice located in Bend, Oregon.

Breakups, Divorce, Separation: The Impact of Losing Your Pet

How To Grieve Your Dog

Dr. Autumn Fanning

Vet's Here

Dr. Autumn Fanning is the owner at Vets Here! Inc. a cutting-edge mobile veterinary practice. She has been in mixed animal clinical practice since graduating from Veterinary school at Oregon State University in 2006. Previous clinical and business opportunities at both large and small animal practices prepared Dr. Fanning to create a company that changes the way veterinary medicine is experienced by her clients and patients.

Vet's Here! Dog Care to Your Door

Mark and Lisa Tipton

Deaf Dog Rescue of America

Deaf Dog Rescue of America rescues deaf dogs of all breeds from all over the US. We train them to hand signals, facial expression and body language and carefully place the dogs in fully screened and visited wonderful forever homes. We also offer training and board and train services for deaf and hearing dogs.

The Deaf Dog Rescue Of America

Dr. Joel Beth Navratik

MRVL Pet™ Products

Dr. Joel Navratik received a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) in 1988 and received her Doctorate in Veterinary medicine in 1993, both from the University of Florida. She completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the world renowned Animal Medical Center and Bobst Hospital in New York City in July 1994. She has been a small animal veterinarian for over 25 years and owned a veterinary hospital in the south Florida region. Her interests include managing complicated geriatric patients with multiple problems, pain management, oncology, dermatology, feline and canine internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Navratik also founded, in 2016, a veterinary continuing education company, called VetVacationCE, that provides veterinarians with up to date recurrent training at sites all over the world. She enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and walking on the beach with Daisy, a newly adopted Chihuahua, and April, her adopted Toy Fox Terrier.

Blue Scorpion Venom Therapy To Manage Pain And Boost The Immune System Of Your Pet